jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2012

Hobbies and sports

Exercise 1: Choose the right sport. Clic Next Picture to get a new one! There are 24.
Exercise 2: Read the descriptions and choose the right option.
Exercise 3: Match the sports and the places.
Exercise 4: Complete with the correct option.
Exercise 5: Match the words.

Present Continuous and Present Simple

Exercise 1: Choose the correct verb form Simple or Continuous.
Exercise 2: Choose the right option. Simple or Continuous.
Exercise 3: Choose the right option: Simple or Continuous.

Present Continuous

  • Exercise 1: Drag and match the elements to complete the table.
  • Exercise 2: Complete the sentences with the right form of the verbs between brackets.
  • Exercise 3: "What are they doing?"
  • Exercise 4: Complete the senteces using Present Continuous.
  • Exercise 5: Complete the sentences with the verbs between brackets in Present Continuous Negative, Interrogative or Affirmative. 
  • Exercise 6: Look at the pictures and write sentences. 
  • Exercise 7: Write the sentences in English.